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Social media clip for MINI Vision Urbanaut. A concept car that features three different modes, with the „Chill“ mode being the one that transforms the vehicle’s interior into an urban oasis.
I was entrusted with the whole process of the filmic translation of the underlying idea and story: art direction, shooting preparation, 3D animation, compositing and editing.

Client: BMW Group, Munich, Germany
Head of Mini Design: Oliver Heilmer
Creative Direction: Uta Bodenstein, Julia Obermeier, Till Jenninger
Project Team: Hannes Ziesler, Nicole Prinz, Raphael Jasinski
Head of Design Identity: Fabio Olivotti

Design: Aixsponza, Munich, Germany
Creative Director: Christian Tyroller
Producer: Julian Fischer
Art Director: Dominik Högn, Christian Scheck, Dennis Tiege, Stefan Voigt
3D Artists: Paul Gröger, Yannik Wenk, Matthias Zabiegly
Illustrations: Paul Grabowski, Laila Petersen
Music / SFX: Michael Fakesch, designingsounds

DOP: Bartek Latosinski
Styling: Clara Reuter, Charlotte Roser
Hair & MakeUp: Arno Humer, Anja Wenger El Sawaf
Set Design & SFX: Andreas Walther
VFX Set-Supervision: Matthias Zabiegly

Skater Girl: Nicole Adamczyk
Oliver Heilmer: himself
Freelance work at Aixsponza.